POWERUP FPV Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

With a Live Streaming Camera

Climb into the cockpit of your very own paper airplane with the POWERUP FPV!

A live video feed let’s you see what your plane sees, controlling your paper plane using our free Smartphone app.

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Fold a paper plane, attach the FPV, and fly around your backyard or park with impressive accuracy.

Watch how it works:

Matthew Kronsberg | Senior Reporter at Bloomberg

"A Paper Airplane Drone That’s Nearly Indestructible: with a little imagination, you can attach the module to nearly anything."

effort less setup and pairing POWERUP DART

POWERUP FPV Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane


  • POWERUP FPV twin motor Wifi camera module
  • 2 Spare propellers (left and right)
  • Crossbar - stabilizer
  • 4 Premium printed templates sheets for easy flying A3 Invader design
  • 1 Lipo battery 550mAh (Parrot® original)
  • Multilingual quick installation guide

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